Philosophy & Story

Kristie Christie, developed Life to the Full through her personal experience working as a Children's & Family Director in the local church. Dissatisfied with the curricula available, she developed this easy to use curriculum that integrates years of experience and the latest modern learning models she began to study while getting her degree in Elementary Education. Kristie wanted the kids to learn the stories of the Bible and experience the "here and now" God who loves kids and adults deeply. This isn't just a curriculum, these are guided experiences that help you bring your time with children alive with depth and connection. 

Kristie has a love for slowing down, living in the moment, and creating moments with kids. Her dedication to revitalizing children's programs has birthed this new, exciting, approach and return to experiential learning of Bible stories---the greatest story ever told.

She supports leaders and was trained as a Ministry Architects consultant, speakers regularly representing Compassion International and dedicates her life and heart to create resources that can shape and transform the next generation. You'll see throughout the Life to the Full collection of resources that one thing is consistent: God loves you and invites us into a hopeful, vibrant, path following Jesus every single day.

Tried and true, this curriculum works. It's not cumbersome or flashy, but thoughtful, intentional and creative. Parents, church staff, and children all rave that Life to the Full has revolutionized their church's children's & family ministry. Their kids beg them to go, the teachers love to teach, and the experience is an exciting one, changing lives and inviting us all into the Kingdom adventure of living a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ. 

Three full years of weekly curriculum and resources have been created to take the guesswork out of each week, but allow you the flexibility to design a children's and family discipleship program that works best for your community. You'll see throughout that there are shopping lists, training tips and all the elements to empower you to focus in on the most important part of life: relationships. 


Learning doesn't happen when we simply read or hear content, but when we experience it. Neuroscientists are discovering new information daily about how we learn, encode and deeply form our memories. Theologians and Psychologists are learning how important our earliest years and impressions are. We want your children's first impression with the Bible and church to be the best it can be.

Simply put, memories are formed through multi-layered experiences. Life to the full is creating sensory environments and providing fresh content so that you are equipped with the tools needed to tell the greatest story of all time: teaching kids the stories of the Bible. Through your investment of time, preparation of space and engagement in creative activities, you will form lasting memories and relationships with the kids you love. 

We want to inspire you to think through all the ways we communicate the gospel to kids: through relationships, curriculum, methods and environment. A holistic to approach to Children's Ministry will reap the greatest result: kids who know they are loved and in turn love God and love others their whole life long.

Whether your church meets in a large building, small building, home or warehouse: Life to the Full can bring your church of any size what you need to an excellent job.