Now...for a bit about our philosophy and some words from friends we've helped create their spaces:

Is it possible that you're telling two stories with your space? One story is what's coming out of your mouth, "The things I'm saying are relevant and true, you are important" and the other is communicated by your space: "We don't really care. These are the leftover donated items. This room is cluttered and distracting, but I don't care. The story I'm telling is stuck in a time warp just like this room you come to each week." We know that many churches and schools are stuck in a time warp, but yours doesn't have to be. We'd love to see your space renewed and fresh, creating the space you need. 

I am so thankful for Kristie and her incredible design work for our preschool and elementary rooms at Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades. She brought a fresh vision to make our rooms unique, beautiful and welcoming while still remaining kid friendly and functional. The rooms exude joy and invite the children to embrace their creativity. I loved working with Kristie and highly recommend inviting her to give your children’s ministry spaces a new look.
— Amy Pendergraft, Calvary Pacific Palisades
We were overjoyed to work with Kristie. She took into account the sensitivity of our client needs and small non-profit budget, and transformed our space. Her creativity, resourcefulness and eye for detail is one of a kind.
— Talitha Phillips, Westside Pregnancy Clinic (Claris Health)

Spaces can distract or engage, add or take away from an experience. We know that our best and longest term memories happen when all five of our senses are engaged. Why not ensure that those are good memories, not ones that leave you feeling like Jesus is more of your grandma's savior. The gospel isn't outdated, but your building may be. Let's fix that! 

We work to create multi-scensory environments for your church family. We want this to feel like your "home away from home," a place young modern families feel great coming to. We can work with all the issues churches face of shared space as well as your dream designated spaces that work for the many things happening in them all week long. We've been there, we've done this and we'd love to help you do it too. 

Contact us so you can begin the conversation. We'd love to help you dream and maximize any budget you have with our tips and tricks. 

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