Merry Family Christmas

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Merry Family Christmas


We've heard from several families who want to see their family have meaningful, fun moments that help plant the deeper seeds of what Christmas is about.  We're happy to launch this resource for you and your family. You'll receive daily devotions and weekly activities that will give you simple steps to make this your most meaningful Christmas ever. 


25 days of daily devotions including stories, questions and scripture readings. 

1 weekly family night guide with a hands on activity and reflection. You'll receive this at the beginning of each week so you can gather a few simple supplies and choose the right time for your family to gather around the table together. 

Join us for a Merry Family Christmas. 

Written for children ages 5-12, with adaptations and notes for preschoolers and middle schoolers. 

All devotions and activities will be written and created by Kristie Christie

You will begin receiving your Merry Family Christmas content November 29th. 

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