I highly recommend Life to the Full Curriculum. I recently completed year 1 with with the children in our congregation and I can’t say enough. If you are looking for a simple, anointed incredibly effective tool to use with the children God has put into your care... look no more! Just add the prayer and buy the supplies and you have a years worth of a gift that will help God use you to ignite the little people in your life to be world changers with a heart for Jesus.
— Stephanie Sobel, Ascend Malibu Church
I’d like to enthusiastically recommend Life to the Full to you! This curriculum has such a unique way of sharing God’s word so that it is personal, creative and relational. I’m a mom who takes my kids’ spiritual journey seriously, and my girls loved going to church every Sunday! They have been so engaged and realize how deeply Jesus loves them by their experience in a Life to the Full Sunday School program.
— Monica Bjork, Westlake Village, CA
It’s amazing the difference in passion for teaching that I feel each week, when I know I’m going to be talking about grace, identity, love and mission with these kids. And, in a way that isn’t preachy, religious, condescending, or legalistic.

I open up the curriculum each week knowing that I’m going to be impacted by what I read. And I know that each week I’ll be moved and changed by what Jesus does in these little lives and how He speaks to them.

There are so many things I could say about the curriculum— from the poignant way that Kristie helps communicate a Bible story in an approachable way for these kids (without watering it down or being belittling) to the fun and engaging ways these stories become real, significant, and applicable through activities and questions.

I can’t say enough about the night and day difference I’ve seen with the way the kids respond to the teaching, questions, prayer time, and activities now than before. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic and passionate in my recommendation of Kristie and this curriculum!”
— Sarah Kappen, Conejo Church