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Summer is a time for renewal, refreshment and it can also be an unpredictable time at Sunday School.

One week a million kids show up, the next, they're all on vacation. 

Volunteers can be hard to come by. If you host a Vacation Bible School or any other large event, often your pool of leaders contributes and takes a bit of hiatus. We can help you plan for this and use some proven strategies to recruit a dynamic summer team---or shall we say a "collective" of great people. 

We've walked in your shoes, year after year. We understand the struggle, it's real. :) 

It doesn't have to be hard, you don't have to resort to DVD Sunday School or babysitting...and you also don't have to burn out just before fall flies in with all its demands, routines, and schedules.

We want you to enjoy your summer, so we've created this curriculum for you and for your Children's & Family Ministry. 

A fun, relaxing, memorable summer ahead. Promise.

Are you ready to take a Roadtrip with Jesus? Each week kids travel with you to a fun new destination and make a memory while learning about the truths Jesus communicates to us in the gospels. 

You'll have LIFETIME access to:

10 creative and easy to use multi-dimensional lesson plans, shopping lists, decoration ideas, Pinterest boards for easy shopping...and more. Check out the three levels of engagement you can choose from: BASIC, CLASSIC, or VIP

 Easy peasy. Want more? We've included training, recruiting and decoration guides.

Have we thought of everything? Hopefully. 

If not---let us know. We're here to support you---just an email away.

Created for you, to serve you and your community. Let us help you have an awesome summer. 

Are you ready to sign up to take your Roadtrip with Jesus? We hope so! 

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Our summer was awesome using “Roadtrip with Jesus” Curriculum. I couldn’t believe how many kids were coming week after week. Some parents who really wanted to sleep in and have a lazy day laughed and told me the kids were BEGGING to come to church. We saw many of our kids who were infrequent visitors become regular attendees. Compared to our normal summer engagement with families, this was a game-changer.
— Ruby Edwards, Director of Children's & Family Ministry, California
I needed something fresh but easy-to-use for the summer. This curriculum package is so comprehensive, fun, engaging and unique—-I can’t recommend it to you enough! Kristie helped me learn to recruit a team for the summer and we had so much fun! For the first time in years it was a headache-free summer.
— Jon Whitman--Children's & Family Pastor, Utah